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With over 100 titles in competitive ballroom dancing and an amazing career… I can say I lived many dreams in my life. I have traveled as far as Singapore, throughout Europe, lived in Hong Kong, and even though I grew up on the Jersey Shore, NYC was my home for most of my life. 


It all started at the age of 5 when I had my own show on the Steel Pier in Atlantic City. My early career consisted of working in commercials, off-broadway, music videos, and I have the great memories of working with stars such as, Ginger Rogers (told great ghost stories in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel), Robert Downey Jr. (yeah, we dated!), Cyd Charisse (she played my mom), performed for Bette Midler (she was so fun!) and Anne Rice (a funny memory in New Orleans at her Halloween party). 


I guess being born a true Leo, I certainly have the qualities and gift for leading, producing, and directing… which I did in my later career after being the 2nd US in ballroom dancing. My favorite show that I choreographed and directed was ‘Havana After Dark” that ran at the Tropicana for almost 6 months (unheard of, and the biggest stage on the east coast), but also I loved having my own dance troupe for almost 15 years.


One of my favorite accomplishments was the pleasure of writing 2 dance manuals (Salsa and Hustle) for certifications to help other instructors be better teachers. And created over 26 instructional video’s. And… I still give exams and judge to till this day. 

My list and extensive credentials could go on and on… but…


In 2007 I finally married the man of my dreams and in 2012… a miracle happened! I got pregnant and had an awesome baby boy at age 45! 45! And it changed my life forever. 


Having a child was a wake-up call for me. And seeing my mom and others getting older I knew I needed to live a healthier life. And funny, I was always in and out of nutrition and such in my competition days. But I never took it seriously.


And then one day, I was shown a presentation at an amazing place for moms. They talked about health and wealth… and at first, I didn’t really pay attention… and then I heard organic cleaners that save you money… I started to listen, a little… cause truly, I knew washing my bathtub with comet and putting my very tiny baby in it was just WRONG! …and then I heard you could “Will” your paycheck and your business to your child. And then… I started to pay attention.


This was my way out. This was a way to not only hold myself accountable in getting healthy, but it was what I knew I needed in my life. 




Honestly…I no longer wanted a dance career that had me traveling all over the world (been there, done that!). I wanted something that I could care about, something that was good for me, something I could be proud about being part of, and best of all, to give me the same rewards of watching my clients grow and become the best person they can be.  The thought of working from home so I could be around for my son… was like another dream come true. 


And so… I jumped in with two feet! 


The best part…


I have finally created the life I wanted. I love my Shaklee business. It has given me so so much more than I could have ever imagined or thought of a few years ago. 


And I love that I've found a way to use all of my experiences, talents, and knowledge in a whole new way. How many people get to say that?


And the other best part… (I have many) Is I get to continue to help people live healthier lives just like I did with teaching for 30+ years in dance. Shaklee is a company with integrity that goes beyond organic and gives me peace of mind. 

And for that, I am really REALLY grateful. 


Grateful to design the life I want. 

Grateful for the Shaklee training and personal growth. 

Grateful for the love of the Shaklee family and teammates

Grateful I no longer have to research if a product is safe for my family. 

Grateful to have my own business that I love.

Grateful for all the wonderful connections I have made and continue to make in this amazing journey.  

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